It has been a while since I shot seniors. I love them! I feel like I have more of a non traditional approach to senior pictures though and its not for everyone. Felicity was a perfect fit because she shared the same hipster/hippie vibes that I love to capture! 

I alway love taking pictures in Helper Ut. Its such an artsy little space! If you haven’t been you need to add it to the bucket list! 

Good luck on your next chapter Felicity.



2014 What a year.

I seriously had plans to write a super rad summary of my year last year. Maybe get all sappy. Confess my deep love for photography and capturing sweet moments. But I have a sick little one and its quite possibly the end of the world as we know it. I would put off posting this one more day, but I want to blog some newborn yumminess, for obvious cuteness overload reasons! So in summary, I learned a lot. I got a lot better. I mean a lot better. Going through some of these shoots was cringe and “what was I thinking” inducing on my part. Not because they were bad, but because I now know better. Thats the main thing. I wanted to quit at least 10,000 times last year. I never did, apparently I like to torture myself. Every time though, I let it be a lesson and got better. As crazy as it seems, I’m insanely tough on myself. I don’t do photography because I want to make money. Far from it. I do it because I am an artist. I always have been. I live and love to create. This is my outlet, this is my art that I create. If you just say “thanks” and never tell me that you love them, my heart sinks and I cry a little on the inside thinking that you absolutely hated the session. I know, I know, you didn’t, but thats how I feel. Because it has become a part of who I am. I had a friend who was a photographer, who would tell me she couldn’t follow other peoples pages because she constantly compared herself to them and it drove her nuts. I thought she was nuts. I was all your the best, you are unique, stop worrying. Turns out, I can’t follow other peoples work either. Ok, well I still do. Again the whole I like to torture myself or something. I don’t spend hours, but I’ll see a picture in my newsfeed, or in a group I’m in and I wonder why I’m not that good, and doubt if I ever will be. The most important thing is, I keep trying to be. Those of you who know me, know that it really isn’t just a job, or a hobby. I’m emotionally invested into taking the very best pictures possible for you. I set goals for myself. I meet them, I set new goals. Seriously, I never stop learning and wanting to create.

So here is to 2015. I have new goals. More things to offer. Hopefully I continue to improve and challenge myself. I’m already scheduling sessions into July, which is mind blowing. I find out people are pregnant before most on Facebook do. I get to share your joy, I get to love on your bebehs, and some of you I even get to call friends. So thank you all for your love, and your support, without you guys I wouldn’t have this in my life. So I hope you all continue to follow my work, watch me grow, and let me keep capturing those little moments for you.




Pref {2014}

It was rainy, cold, I’m pretty sure it was sleeting, but these guys still manage to rock the session. After the initial hypothermia set in and we all regained feeling in our hands, oh and the wind stopped ruining everyones lives. we managed to sneak in some great shots, and have a little fun.

P.S. These well dressed dapper dudes, (yeah say that 5 times fast) totally offered the ladies their jackets in between shots like real gentlemen, well the ones wearing jackets that is 😉

group IMG_3275 IMG_3120IMG_3137IMG_3179IMG_3187IMG_3152IMG_3151IMG_3165IMG_3170 IMG_3195IMG_3117
          IMG_3262 IMG_3244