Lorenzo was a little ham. He was shy, he was smiley, he cried when he touched cake.. I mean I usually cry after I eat the cake, but you do you Lorenzo!

I seriously love bubble bath sessions guys! They are always the cutest and usually produce genuine smiles and laughs. I need to maybe offer them for many sessions. Let me know!

I like to call the theme of this session “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.” But he still was the cutest little race car driver around! Happy Birthday little man!




Olsen Family | Green River Adventure

I think going someplace that you visit and adventure at as a family for family pictures is basically the best idea ever. Why not have pictures of happy memories. I remember going to the La Sal Mountains with my family to camp, and I would kill to have some pictures of us all together back then. Something to look at and smile on and let the flood of good memories and times flow through you. I mean I’m just as happy to do a session in a beautiful field, but getting to take pictures someplace special to you is just icing on the cake. Not to mention I love new places and exploring ❤ 

Lets have fun on dirt roads guys! 



Mountain adventures | Price Utah Family Photographer

The quickest way to win my love is to agree to go to the mountains with me. Seriously. If you say “Oh its only an hour and a half drive?? Lets do this!” I promise, we will have just become best friends. Also I can promise very pretty pictures in exchange for adventure ❤

Also their momma is the  incredibly talented lady behind Serendipity2You go check her out!



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Smores are magic | Price Utah Children’s Photographer

We are having a rough day. My littles dad left for work out of the country on Friday. So life is rough without your hero. To top it off my little man hurt his thumb so nothing is right in the world. So last night after my session we built a fire and made s’mores. For a few minutes we had bliss. Sometimes all you need a few smiles, and laughs to know every thing will be ok ❤ Because really, there isn’t a lot of problems chocolate can’t solve.



p.s. These are for their daddy on the other side of the world ❤ 2015-10-05_0018 2015-10-05_0020 2015-10-05_00192015-10-05_00172015-10-05_00142015-10-05_0013 2015-10-05_00162015-10-05_00112015-10-05_00152015-10-05_00122015-10-05_00102015-10-05_0001 2015-10-05_00092015-10-05_00082015-10-05_00072015-10-05_00062015-10-05_00052015-10-05_00042015-10-05_00032015-10-05_0002

Flower Child | Price Utah Childrens Photographer

A lot of times we put pressure on kids to smile. In general we put a lot of pressure on kids to be anything but kids. Amanda agreed to do a different type of session with me one without the frills, a few dresses, a dirt road and some sunflowers. The result? Magic. Pure magic. Because childhood is beautiful, and the little people that our children are becoming is beautiful. We don’t need props, we don’t need themes.  We need pictures of wildflower picking, running in circles, twirling and dancing.

Lets just let them be little.

And free.


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Summer Family Session | Price Utah Family Photographer

Some things I really love about this session. I love these people. I love this location. I love the sunset, and I love that they got married in Scofield and we got to go back there for their family session. Family sessions are always better when there is a personal connection involved. Nothing more boring than standing in an anonymous backdrop and trying to get comfortable and act natural. Why not go somewhere you play together? That way when you look at the pictures, it stirs up all kinds of happy memories.

Yeah. Lets do that 😉


Krystie 2015-09-23_00142015-09-23_0003 2015-09-23_00132015-09-23_0012 2015-09-23_00112015-09-23_00042015-09-23_00152015-09-23_00102015-09-23_0001 2015-09-23_00092015-09-23_00062015-09-23_00072015-09-23_00052015-09-23_00022015-09-23_0008

Karlia is 1 | Price Utah Childrens Photographer

From birth to 1 is such a fun time. They go from barely knowing the world, to developing little personalities and grabbing life by the horns. Its so fun to watch the little personalities shine through during smash cake sessions. They are some of my favorite sessions to do and I am always obsessed with the little details. Snagging one last picture of those tiny little feet, still so soft and clean before they start to use them every day and explore. Those tiny little hands and fingers, driven by the need to put everything in their mouth and taste. The way they squish frosting in their fingers because they are still just learning their senses and take a moment to process the way it feels before they of course shove it in their mouths. Everything is so simple and so complicated at the same time. That’s what 1 year sessions mean to me. I know I’m not the over the top prop photographer, but thats mainly because to me I’m after the things that really matter. It’s a great big world and I love capturing those little moments of them exploring it.



P.S. Mom made that romper and I’m still obsessed with it! 2015-09-15_0063 2015-09-15_0064 2015-09-15_0065 2015-09-15_0066 2015-09-15_0067 2015-09-15_0068 2015-09-15_0069 2015-09-15_0070 2015-09-15_0071 2015-09-15_0072 2015-09-15_0073 2015-09-15_0074 2015-09-15_0075 2015-09-15_0076 2015-09-15_0077 2015-09-15_0078 2015-09-15_0079 2015-09-15_0080 2015-09-15_0081

Axton | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

I’m a little behind on blogging, ok a lot behind on blogging. I had a crazy baby boom, and the result was over loading my computer and frying my hard drive! Unfortunately the nearest Mac store is 2 hours away, which made something that should have been fairly easy turn into a 3 week fiasco. Phew, now that its all behind me I’ve been working on breaking it again by not giving it a moments rest. Seriously though. I have blisters on my wrist from editing so much. However, all these perfect little babies are worth the struggle! I almost got to be there for Axton’s birth, but things got a little complicated and mommy had a c-section instead. I did get to pop in and meet him for his fresh 48 and then again for his newborn session. To me its crazy to see the difference between 2 days and 2 weeks. Let alone how they look after a month! Talk about growing fast.

But yes, I do sometimes shoot births, I don’t advertise a lot for it because its hard to commit and lockdown such an unknown schedule without dependable baby sitters! I love them, I think they are magical and sometimes I wish I were secretly a doula. My dream job just might be to hang out with pregnant women all the time, be there while they deliver, capture those magic first moments of life on the outside and the first time baby and momma are united out of the womb. Then to get the little details of the human you made! The alien like fingers, wrinkly saggy skin. The first time they use their lungs to scream. Sigh. Its so magical.  I know I totally go out of my way to be a weirdo, sorry guys! I love fresh 48’s for the same reason. Love the raw unposed shots of the new little ones. Growing humans is amazing.


Krystie  2015-09-15_0036 2015-09-15_0035 2015-09-15_0034 2015-09-15_0033 2015-09-15_0032 2015-09-15_0031 2015-09-15_0030 2015-09-15_0029 2015-09-15_0028 2015-09-15_0027 2015-09-15_0026 2015-09-15_0025 2015-09-15_0024 2015-09-15_0023 2015-09-15_0022 2015-09-15_0020 2015-09-15_00192015-09-15_00622015-09-15_00372015-09-15_00542015-09-15_00522015-09-15_00392015-09-15_00402015-09-15_00482015-09-15_00462015-09-15_00452015-09-15_00442015-09-15_00432015-09-15_00422015-09-15_00412015-09-15_00492015-09-15_00502015-09-15_00382015-09-15_00582015-09-15_00512015-09-15_00532015-09-15_00562015-09-15_00472015-09-15_00552015-09-15_00592015-09-15_00612015-09-15_00602015-09-15_0057

Kambree | Price Utah Children’s Photographer

Living in the 2nd driest state in the country usually makes rainy days few and far between. This summer though, it seemed to rain every day! We had rescheduled poor Kambree’s session so many times because of the weather, that I finally just asked her mom if she would just like to roll with mother nature and take pictures in the rain. I mean when you are 2, whats better than puddles, pretty dresses and rubber ducks! Also, this is a little teaser of the new story telling sessions  I”m going to start offering. Cannot wait to share with you guys ❤



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Remi | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

Honestly I don’t think I have ever had an easier baby! Remi was a dream ❤ Seriously she just snoozed away while I moved her from setup to setup. Not only that, but isn’t she just gorgeous? So in love with her session and all her sweetness! But I mean how could she not be gorgeous? Check out the curls in big sisters hair and her pretty mama!


Krystie 2015-07-28_0021 2015-07-28_0020 2015-07-28_0018 2015-07-28_0017 2015-07-28_0016 2015-07-28_0015 2015-07-28_0014 2015-07-28_0013 2015-07-28_0012 2015-07-28_0011 2015-07-28_0010 2015-07-28_0009 2015-07-28_00082015-07-28_0004 2015-07-28_00072015-07-28_0006 2015-07-28_00052015-07-28_0003 2015-07-28_0002 2015-07-28_0001