Lorenzo was a little ham. He was shy, he was smiley, he cried when he touched cake.. I mean I usually cry after I eat the cake, but you do you Lorenzo!

I seriously love bubble bath sessions guys! They are always the cutest and usually produce genuine smiles and laughs. I need to maybe offer them for many sessions. Let me know!

I like to call the theme of this session “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.” But he still was the cutest little race car driver around! Happy Birthday little man!




Braegyn turns 1 | Price Utah Milestone Photographer

I love love love love love watching my babies grow up. Ok well, I mean they aren’t technically mine. But I still love it. I love even more capturing those moments between birth and 1 years. They literally go from sleepy little cuddle muffins (technical term for newborn) to wild eyed, strong willed tiny grown ups. In 12 months. 365 days.


I love what I do.


Flower Child | Price Utah Childrens Photographer

A lot of times we put pressure on kids to smile. In general we put a lot of pressure on kids to be anything but kids. Amanda agreed to do a different type of session with me one without the frills, a few dresses, a dirt road and some sunflowers. The result? Magic. Pure magic. Because childhood is beautiful, and the little people that our children are becoming is beautiful. We don’t need props, we don’t need themes.  We need pictures of wildflower picking, running in circles, twirling and dancing.

Lets just let them be little.

And free.


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Karlia is 1 | Price Utah Childrens Photographer

From birth to 1 is such a fun time. They go from barely knowing the world, to developing little personalities and grabbing life by the horns. Its so fun to watch the little personalities shine through during smash cake sessions. They are some of my favorite sessions to do and I am always obsessed with the little details. Snagging one last picture of those tiny little feet, still so soft and clean before they start to use them every day and explore. Those tiny little hands and fingers, driven by the need to put everything in their mouth and taste. The way they squish frosting in their fingers because they are still just learning their senses and take a moment to process the way it feels before they of course shove it in their mouths. Everything is so simple and so complicated at the same time. That’s what 1 year sessions mean to me. I know I’m not the over the top prop photographer, but thats mainly because to me I’m after the things that really matter. It’s a great big world and I love capturing those little moments of them exploring it.



P.S. Mom made that romper and I’m still obsessed with it! 2015-09-15_0063 2015-09-15_0064 2015-09-15_0065 2015-09-15_0066 2015-09-15_0067 2015-09-15_0068 2015-09-15_0069 2015-09-15_0070 2015-09-15_0071 2015-09-15_0072 2015-09-15_0073 2015-09-15_0074 2015-09-15_0075 2015-09-15_0076 2015-09-15_0077 2015-09-15_0078 2015-09-15_0079 2015-09-15_0080 2015-09-15_0081

Luke 4 month session | Price Utah Children Photographer

First off.  My favorite thing about the session is Luke’s mom didn’t bring anything and let me dress him in whatever I wanted. Styling makes my heart happy! Secondly, I think Luke hates me 😦 I still snuggled him anyways. And last but not least, his hair. OMG I love his wild hair. So soft and silkie and wild. Wild is my favorite. Ok Luke is my favorite even if I’m not his! I love his crying pics, I can’t help it. I’m a weird mom and want to remember those things. I have a million pictures of my kids smiling, but I also want to remember the way they cry. I want to soak all of it in ❤


Krystie2015-07-08_0002 2015-07-08_00102015-07-08_00092015-07-08_00042015-07-08_00012015-07-08_00112015-07-08_00082015-07-08_00062015-07-08_00072015-07-08_00052015-07-08_0003

A Princess Party | Price Utah Childrens Photographer

It was a royal affair at the studio when this little princess stopped by the other. I have to say, I am obsessed with her session. Seriously! What a gorgeous little gal. Her eyes, her lashes, her curls and those cute purple little piggies? Need I say more? It was all that and some cake smashing fun too! Watch out Sofia the first, she’s coming for your crown!



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Ella is 1 | Price Utah Children Photographer

Little Ella was such a sweetie pie and has the most beautiful big blue eyes! She loves her Minnie Mouse, and those might be my favorite pictures. Love capturing the little moments of what they love at that exact age! Happy first birthday little lady!




Johansen Twins | Price Utah Family Photographer

So I won’t lie to you guys, there is a special place in my heart for twins! Other than giving kudos to the parents with patience to raise them.. I think they are the best. I might be biased since I have twin sisters, but watching them grow up through the years and their special relationship with each other makes me feel all the feels. Its like not only do you have a sibling, but a best friend. These 2 were no exception to the cuteness rule, and their little personalities were so sweet! Thanks for bringing them to play err, I mean bring them for pictures! 😉



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