Buchmiller | Desert Maternity

I honestly love repeat clients. I love watching your children grow and your family evolve. I’ve had the pleasure of working with this family for the past couple of years and watching them go from newlyweds to mom and dad.

It’s such a privilege shooting maternity and newborns and sharing such special and intimate moments in peoples lives. Ok, who is cutting onions in here this morning…

Anyways. We have had such a wet year out here the in the arid desert, and let me tell you it is breathtakingly beautiful right now. So obviously this was the perfect destination for this beautiful family. We battled bugs, danced to baby shark and played in the dreamy yummy light. We got blessed with a beautiful sunset. All in all it was a great day.



Madrid Maternity | Wildflowers

It was seriously such a long hard winter here in Utah, I thought for sure it would never end! The end result is something I have never seen before. The desert and everywhere in between is so in bloom. Its so green and lush and full of blooms. Just like these beautiful blooming gals. So yay for warmer weather, blossoms, baby bumps and beautiful families. 

Moab Maternity, a beautiful adventure.


If you ever want to look majestic on a moutain, wind blown, and the subject of a living work of art, give me a call. All my life I wanted to be Annie Leibovitz, and this year I’m more passionate about making your pictures look like a vogue spread than ever. Lets go to beautiful places and take beautiful pictures. Make your memories more than smiling happy poses. Lets make them an experience, an adventure. To be honest shooting in Moab, Utah has been a bucket list for so long! One is crossed off and now I have a couple more I’m dreaming up. Come on Mama’s lets go play! Also been feeling more and more the fine art aspect of photography. It felt so magical making some digital art with what I have in my head. So get ready this girl is no longer your basic, ordinary photographer. We are going full artist mode. And we are gonna do it together.



Chanel & Jesse Desert Maternity | Price Utah Maternity Photographer

I hate to play favorites but this one might be up there guys. The sky and the location is to die for! Not to mention Chanel and Jesse are pretty gosh darn good looking. I think they brought the heat to this desert maternity session. Cannot wait to meet their little lady.


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Halyn | Price Utah Photographer

Sometimes its hard to describe to other people. Sometimes you can’t find the words. Maybe there aren’t any words. All I know is beauty is everywhere. Like the way the sun paints the world in a golden blinding light. Illuminating everything and just for a few precious moments the world is shimmering and glittering around you. As if Midas himself has touched the ground around you and everything has turned to gold. The sky, oh the sky. It’s as if just for you, a masterpiece has been painted in brilliant colors. Colors so beautiful and impossible artists spend lifetimes trying to recreate them. And in those few fleeting moments as the sun kisses the earth goodnight, nothing shines quite as brightly as you. It’s like you aren’t part of this world. You are ethereal beauty in its purest form.

Its that motherhood glow.

All of that grandeur doesn’t come close to how beautiful you are.

How beautiful bearing new life is.

That little secret you keep inside of you.

Someone you’ve yet to meet but somehow love with all of your being.



Valdez Maternity | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

So there is something special about the desert in the summertime, the light is magical, the skies are so clear and when you have a wet monsoony (whatever spell check thats a word, ok) summer its all in bloom. I’m moving into more natural and unposed family sessions. Just because I love the real expressions and moments. It seems when people tell me about their favorite pictures, they are snap shots of a candid moment and not posed ones with forced smiles. So I’m here to give you what you want. Pictures of those moments when you can’t help but laugh, or when your husband reaches down and touches your tummy without thinking. That moment when your youngest seems to just know that his time is coming to an end and clings to you for his last few moments alone, before he turns over the reigns to his new little brother. Life is crazy and beautiful at the same time ❤


Krystie 2015-09-15_0134 2015-09-15_0135 2015-09-15_0136 2015-09-15_0137 2015-09-15_0138 2015-09-15_0139 2015-09-15_0140 2015-09-15_0141 2015-09-15_0142 2015-09-15_0143 2015-09-15_0144 2015-09-15_0145 2015-09-15_0146 2015-09-15_0147 2015-09-15_0148 2015-09-15_0149 2015-09-15_0150 2015-09-15_0151 2015-09-15_0152 2015-09-15_0153 2015-09-15_0154 2015-09-15_0155

Mountain Maternity | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

We live in a crazy beautiful state, and I am always in awe of the beauty in our surroundings. Its even better when I can convince my clients to come and adventure with me. I think the only thing more beautiful than the mountains, is this happy little family. Thank you Cassie and Derick for venturing into the wild with me, and allowing me to capture this special time in your life.


2015-06-12_0039 2015-06-12_0038 2015-06-12_0037 2015-06-12_0036 2015-06-12_0035 2015-06-12_0034 2015-06-12_0033 2015-06-12_0032 2015-06-12_0031 2015-06-12_0030 2015-06-12_0029 2015-06-12_0028 2015-06-12_0027 2015-06-12_0026 2015-06-12_0025 2015-06-12_0024 2015-06-12_0023 2015-06-12_0022 2015-06-12_0021 2015-06-12_0020 2015-06-12_0019 2015-06-12_0018 2015-06-12_0017 2015-06-12_0016 2015-06-12_0015 2015-06-12_0014 2015-06-12_0013 2015-06-12_0012 2015-06-12_0011 2015-06-12_0010 2015-06-12_0009 2015-06-12_0008 2015-06-12_0007 2015-06-12_0006 2015-06-12_0005 2015-06-12_0004 2015-06-12_0003 2015-06-12_0002 2015-06-12_0001

Kayson | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

Well, since the last time I got around to blogging, this little man was still a bun in the oven, I figured I better at least share the after of his mama’s gorgeous maternity session! Kayson was so curly and sweet. And so handsome! I had to snap a few of him with his eyes wide open because he was so expressive,  love when their little personalities shine through at such a young age. Thank you so much Cyndi for letting me capture your maternity and newborn session 2015-05-12_0028 2015-05-12_00272015-05-12_0022 2015-05-12_00262015-05-12_00232015-05-12_00252015-05-12_00212015-05-12_00172015-05-12_0013 2015-05-12_00202015-05-12_00192015-05-12_00182015-05-12_00042015-05-12_00162015-05-12_00152015-05-12_00142015-05-12_00092015-05-12_00032015-05-12_00122015-05-12_00112015-05-12_00102015-05-12_00072015-05-12_00082015-05-12_00062015-05-12_00052015-05-12_0024 2015-05-12_00022015-05-12_0001

{ Cyndi} Price Utah Maternity Photographer

Whoa its been too long, way too long since I’ve blogged a session. So much has happened in the last month that deserves a blog post all to itself. But I’m knee deep in session so maybe in April I can cover what happened in February.. Thats about how it goes these days.

Now. Back to the reason you are here. Its no secret maternity sessions are darn well near the top of my list of favorite sessions to do. Second only to newborns. I could take pictures of pregnant women all day. I mean it gets a little weird my adoration I think. But honestly guys, I know you don’t feel like it, but pregnant woman are some of the most beautiful women on the planet. You just radiate beauty. You can’t even help it or hide it. Its just there. Gah.. I can’t even. Cyndi was no exception to this rule. She is STUNNING. Seriously. That bump is divine. Loved every minute of our session, not to mention I got to do a rare studio session. Come on guys, the light it gorgeous and nothing is better than a plain backdrop, you and your bump! It was hard to narrow down pictures for this post, because um, I don’t think there were any bad ones! Cannot wait to take her little mans pictures when he gets here.

2015-03-26_0019 2015-03-26_0018 2015-03-26_0017 2015-03-26_0016 2015-03-26_0015 2015-03-26_0014 2015-03-26_0013 2015-03-26_0012 2015-03-26_0011 2015-03-26_0010 2015-03-26_0009 2015-03-26_0008 2015-03-26_00072015-03-26_0001 2015-03-26_0006 2015-03-26_00052015-03-26_00042015-03-26_0003 2015-03-26_0002

{Bailey} Price Utah Newborn Photographer

So January was a crazy month around here! My little ones got so sick, and even though I thought I escaped the wrath of the sickies, the stomach flu brought me down and led to the black death  pneumonia. My head is less poundy and I’m not coughing up my lungs, I am glued to the screen getting everyone their galleries. Phew. Well now that I’m out of breath… Kidding. Let me tell you about the gorgeous little Bailey. I swear I didn’t see this beautiful little gals eyes the entire time. She was a dream! Such gorgeous flawless skin.

She also brought me out of neutral loving comfort zone, and winter hibernation with COLOR. So much color guys! I know, pinch me. As always got my amazing stuff from https://www.etsy.com/shop/LovinFluffBoutique Go check her out! 2015-02-09_0001 2015-02-09_0002 2015-02-09_0003 2015-02-09_0004 2015-02-09_0005 2015-02-09_0006 2015-02-09_0007 2015-02-09_0008 2015-02-09_0009 2015-02-09_0010 2015-02-09_0011 2015-02-09_0012 2015-02-09_0013 2015-02-09_0014 2015-02-09_0015 2015-02-09_0016 2015-02-09_0017 2015-02-09_0018 2015-02-09_0019 2015-02-09_0020 2015-02-09_0021 2015-02-09_0022 2015-02-09_0023 2015-02-09_0024 2015-02-09_0025 2015-02-09_0026 2015-02-09_0027 2015-02-09_0028 2015-02-09_0029 2015-02-09_0030 2015-02-09_0031 2015-02-09_0032 2015-02-09_0033 2015-02-09_0034 2015-02-09_0035 2015-02-09_0036 2015-02-09_0037 2015-02-09_0038