Madrid Maternity | Wildflowers

It was seriously such a long hard winter here in Utah, I thought for sure it would never end! The end result is something I have never seen before. The desert and everywhere in between is so in bloom. Its so green and lush and full of blooms. Just like these beautiful blooming gals. So yay for warmer weather, blossoms, baby bumps and beautiful families. 

Moab Maternity, a beautiful adventure.


If you ever want to look majestic on a moutain, wind blown, and the subject of a living work of art, give me a call. All my life I wanted to be Annie Leibovitz, and this year I’m more passionate about making your pictures look like a vogue spread than ever. Lets go to beautiful places and take beautiful pictures. Make your memories more than smiling happy poses. Lets make them an experience, an adventure. To be honest shooting in Moab, Utah has been a bucket list for so long! One is crossed off and now I have a couple more I’m dreaming up. Come on Mama’s lets go play! Also been feeling more and more the fine art aspect of photography. It felt so magical making some digital art with what I have in my head. So get ready this girl is no longer your basic, ordinary photographer. We are going full artist mode. And we are gonna do it together.



Ragsdale | Desert Thunderstorm Maternity session

Sometimes you just have to roll with it while a storm rolls in. I envisioned a sunny pretty desert session, with flowers and their bold colors popping up all over. Mother nature had different plans, and I guess she knows best because I absolutely love how these turned out. The sky brought so much emotion to the pictures, and the wind just added to the whimsy. 2016-07-07_0001 2016-07-07_0002 2016-07-07_0003 2016-07-07_0004 2016-07-07_0005 2016-07-07_0006 2016-07-07_0007 2016-07-07_0008 2016-07-07_0009 2016-07-07_0010 2016-07-07_0011 2016-07-07_0012 2016-07-07_0013 2016-07-07_0014 2016-07-07_0015 2016-07-07_0016 2016-07-07_0017 2016-07-07_0018 2016-07-07_0019 2016-07-07_0020 2016-07-07_0021 2016-07-07_0022 2016-07-07_0023 2016-07-07_0024

Summer Family Session | Price Utah Family Photographer

Some things I really love about this session. I love these people. I love this location. I love the sunset, and I love that they got married in Scofield and we got to go back there for their family session. Family sessions are always better when there is a personal connection involved. Nothing more boring than standing in an anonymous backdrop and trying to get comfortable and act natural. Why not go somewhere you play together? That way when you look at the pictures, it stirs up all kinds of happy memories.

Yeah. Lets do that 😉


Krystie 2015-09-23_00142015-09-23_0003 2015-09-23_00132015-09-23_0012 2015-09-23_00112015-09-23_00042015-09-23_00152015-09-23_00102015-09-23_0001 2015-09-23_00092015-09-23_00062015-09-23_00072015-09-23_00052015-09-23_00022015-09-23_0008

Braegyn | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

Sometimes you just have a perfect session. I don’t want to rub it in to all the other newborns out there, but this little guy rocked the socks off of his session. Or should I say, he hit it out of the park? Either way, he was a dream while he was busy dreaming and we even got to run outside and snap a few of him out in the summer sun. Congrats Cassie and Derick, safe to say this little man is a home run… Ok I’ll see myself out now 😉



2015-07-15_0022 2015-07-15_0021 2015-07-15_0020 2015-07-15_0019 2015-07-15_0018 2015-07-15_0017 2015-07-15_0016 2015-07-15_00152015-07-15_0004 2015-07-15_00142015-07-15_00122015-07-15_00102015-07-15_00132015-07-15_00112015-07-15_00092015-07-15_00032015-07-15_00082015-07-15_00072015-07-15_00062015-07-15_00052015-07-15_00022015-07-15_0001

Johansen Twins | Price Utah Family Photographer

So I won’t lie to you guys, there is a special place in my heart for twins! Other than giving kudos to the parents with patience to raise them.. I think they are the best. I might be biased since I have twin sisters, but watching them grow up through the years and their special relationship with each other makes me feel all the feels. Its like not only do you have a sibling, but a best friend. These 2 were no exception to the cuteness rule, and their little personalities were so sweet! Thanks for bringing them to play err, I mean bring them for pictures! 😉



2015-06-28_0011 2015-06-28_0010  2015-06-28_0008 2015-06-28_00092015-06-28_0007 2015-06-28_0006 2015-06-28_0005 2015-06-28_0004 2015-06-28_0003 2015-06-28_0002 2015-06-28_0001

Thoryn | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

I absolutely love doing pictures for friends. I feel so honored that they want me to capture these moments for them. I’ve known Thoryn’s mom since Jr. High, and have been lucky enough to have kept in touch through the years. This little guy is the 4th addition to her family, and is so sweet and snuggly. Its less weird when I know my clients and love on their babies 😉 so thats another advantage. His mama is so crafty she made him that cute little turtle outfit, talk about doing it all! The Ninja Turtles poster is in his dad’s office and it was a fun way to add a personal touch to his pictures. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!


Krystie 2015-06-22_0024 2015-06-22_0023 2015-06-22_0003 2015-06-22_00222015-06-22_00212015-06-22_00202015-06-22_0019 2015-06-22_00182015-06-22_00172015-06-22_00162015-06-22_0015 2015-06-22_00142015-06-22_00132015-06-22_00122015-06-22_00112015-06-22_00072015-06-22_00102015-06-22_00092015-06-22_00082015-06-22_00062015-06-22_00052015-06-22_00042015-06-22_0001

Mountain Maternity | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

We live in a crazy beautiful state, and I am always in awe of the beauty in our surroundings. Its even better when I can convince my clients to come and adventure with me. I think the only thing more beautiful than the mountains, is this happy little family. Thank you Cassie and Derick for venturing into the wild with me, and allowing me to capture this special time in your life.


2015-06-12_0039 2015-06-12_0038 2015-06-12_0037 2015-06-12_0036 2015-06-12_0035 2015-06-12_0034 2015-06-12_0033 2015-06-12_0032 2015-06-12_0031 2015-06-12_0030 2015-06-12_0029 2015-06-12_0028 2015-06-12_0027 2015-06-12_0026 2015-06-12_0025 2015-06-12_0024 2015-06-12_0023 2015-06-12_0022 2015-06-12_0021 2015-06-12_0020 2015-06-12_0019 2015-06-12_0018 2015-06-12_0017 2015-06-12_0016 2015-06-12_0015 2015-06-12_0014 2015-06-12_0013 2015-06-12_0012 2015-06-12_0011 2015-06-12_0010 2015-06-12_0009 2015-06-12_0008 2015-06-12_0007 2015-06-12_0006 2015-06-12_0005 2015-06-12_0004 2015-06-12_0003 2015-06-12_0002 2015-06-12_0001