Madrid Maternity | Wildflowers

It was seriously such a long hard winter here in Utah, I thought for sure it would never end! The end result is something I have never seen before. The desert and everywhere in between is so in bloom. Its so green and lush and full of blooms. Just like these beautiful blooming gals. So yay for warmer weather, blossoms, baby bumps and beautiful families. 

Moab Maternity, a beautiful adventure.


If you ever want to look majestic on a moutain, wind blown, and the subject of a living work of art, give me a call. All my life I wanted to be Annie Leibovitz, and this year I’m more passionate about making your pictures look like a vogue spread than ever. Lets go to beautiful places and take beautiful pictures. Make your memories more than smiling happy poses. Lets make them an experience, an adventure. To be honest shooting in Moab, Utah has been a bucket list for so long! One is crossed off and now I have a couple more I’m dreaming up. Come on Mama’s lets go play! Also been feeling more and more the fine art aspect of photography. It felt so magical making some digital art with what I have in my head. So get ready this girl is no longer your basic, ordinary photographer. We are going full artist mode. And we are gonna do it together.



Lincoln |Price Utah Newborn Photographer

Sweet little Lincoln is pretty much a clone of his big brother! His dad showed me a side by side of them, and you honestly would have a hard time telling the two of them apart. His big brother wanted to help with the session and you could tell how much he loved him already. Love to watch the relationship between siblings ❤


2016-08-05_0001 2016-08-05_0002 2016-08-05_0003 2016-08-05_0004 2016-08-05_0005 2016-08-05_0006 2016-08-05_0007 2016-08-05_0008 2016-08-05_0009 2016-08-05_0010

Ragsdale | Desert Thunderstorm Maternity session

Sometimes you just have to roll with it while a storm rolls in. I envisioned a sunny pretty desert session, with flowers and their bold colors popping up all over. Mother nature had different plans, and I guess she knows best because I absolutely love how these turned out. The sky brought so much emotion to the pictures, and the wind just added to the whimsy. 2016-07-07_0001 2016-07-07_0002 2016-07-07_0003 2016-07-07_0004 2016-07-07_0005 2016-07-07_0006 2016-07-07_0007 2016-07-07_0008 2016-07-07_0009 2016-07-07_0010 2016-07-07_0011 2016-07-07_0012 2016-07-07_0013 2016-07-07_0014 2016-07-07_0015 2016-07-07_0016 2016-07-07_0017 2016-07-07_0018 2016-07-07_0019 2016-07-07_0020 2016-07-07_0021 2016-07-07_0022 2016-07-07_0023 2016-07-07_0024

Halyn | Price Utah Photographer

Sometimes its hard to describe to other people. Sometimes you can’t find the words. Maybe there aren’t any words. All I know is beauty is everywhere. Like the way the sun paints the world in a golden blinding light. Illuminating everything and just for a few precious moments the world is shimmering and glittering around you. As if Midas himself has touched the ground around you and everything has turned to gold. The sky, oh the sky. It’s as if just for you, a masterpiece has been painted in brilliant colors. Colors so beautiful and impossible artists spend lifetimes trying to recreate them. And in those few fleeting moments as the sun kisses the earth goodnight, nothing shines quite as brightly as you. It’s like you aren’t part of this world. You are ethereal beauty in its purest form.

Its that motherhood glow.

All of that grandeur doesn’t come close to how beautiful you are.

How beautiful bearing new life is.

That little secret you keep inside of you.

Someone you’ve yet to meet but somehow love with all of your being.



Valdez Maternity | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

So there is something special about the desert in the summertime, the light is magical, the skies are so clear and when you have a wet monsoony (whatever spell check thats a word, ok) summer its all in bloom. I’m moving into more natural and unposed family sessions. Just because I love the real expressions and moments. It seems when people tell me about their favorite pictures, they are snap shots of a candid moment and not posed ones with forced smiles. So I’m here to give you what you want. Pictures of those moments when you can’t help but laugh, or when your husband reaches down and touches your tummy without thinking. That moment when your youngest seems to just know that his time is coming to an end and clings to you for his last few moments alone, before he turns over the reigns to his new little brother. Life is crazy and beautiful at the same time ❤


Krystie 2015-09-15_0134 2015-09-15_0135 2015-09-15_0136 2015-09-15_0137 2015-09-15_0138 2015-09-15_0139 2015-09-15_0140 2015-09-15_0141 2015-09-15_0142 2015-09-15_0143 2015-09-15_0144 2015-09-15_0145 2015-09-15_0146 2015-09-15_0147 2015-09-15_0148 2015-09-15_0149 2015-09-15_0150 2015-09-15_0151 2015-09-15_0152 2015-09-15_0153 2015-09-15_0154 2015-09-15_0155

Charlyn | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

Did you guys know I offer maternity sessions at a discounted rate if you book a newborn session. SAY WHAT?! I know dudes. I’m cool like that. Also, you can include the whole fam! Or you can do them alone, whatever you want. These sessions are all about you, your story and your new little one! This family was extra adorable and I was so happy to get to squeeze them in before they moved to California.



P.S. If you guys ever need pictures on the beach in Cali, have camera will travel! Lol 2015-09-15_0115 2015-09-15_0116 2015-09-15_0117 2015-09-15_0118 2015-09-15_0119 2015-09-15_0120 2015-09-15_0121 2015-09-15_0122 2015-09-15_0123 2015-09-15_0124 2015-09-15_0125 2015-09-15_0126 2015-09-15_0127 2015-09-15_0128 2015-09-15_0129 2015-09-15_0130 2015-09-15_0131 2015-09-15_0132 2015-09-15_01332015-09-15_00822015-09-15_00832015-09-15_00842015-09-15_00852015-09-15_00862015-09-15_00872015-09-15_00882015-09-15_00892015-09-15_00902015-09-15_00912015-09-15_00922015-09-15_00932015-09-15_00942015-09-15_00952015-09-15_00962015-09-15_00972015-09-15_00982015-09-15_00992015-09-15_01002015-09-15_01012015-09-15_01022015-09-15_01032015-09-15_01042015-09-15_01052015-09-15_01062015-09-15_01072015-09-15_01082015-09-15_01092015-09-15_01102015-09-15_01112015-09-15_01122015-09-15_01132015-09-15_0114

Axton | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

I’m a little behind on blogging, ok a lot behind on blogging. I had a crazy baby boom, and the result was over loading my computer and frying my hard drive! Unfortunately the nearest Mac store is 2 hours away, which made something that should have been fairly easy turn into a 3 week fiasco. Phew, now that its all behind me I’ve been working on breaking it again by not giving it a moments rest. Seriously though. I have blisters on my wrist from editing so much. However, all these perfect little babies are worth the struggle! I almost got to be there for Axton’s birth, but things got a little complicated and mommy had a c-section instead. I did get to pop in and meet him for his fresh 48 and then again for his newborn session. To me its crazy to see the difference between 2 days and 2 weeks. Let alone how they look after a month! Talk about growing fast.

But yes, I do sometimes shoot births, I don’t advertise a lot for it because its hard to commit and lockdown such an unknown schedule without dependable baby sitters! I love them, I think they are magical and sometimes I wish I were secretly a doula. My dream job just might be to hang out with pregnant women all the time, be there while they deliver, capture those magic first moments of life on the outside and the first time baby and momma are united out of the womb. Then to get the little details of the human you made! The alien like fingers, wrinkly saggy skin. The first time they use their lungs to scream. Sigh. Its so magical.  I know I totally go out of my way to be a weirdo, sorry guys! I love fresh 48’s for the same reason. Love the raw unposed shots of the new little ones. Growing humans is amazing.


Krystie  2015-09-15_0036 2015-09-15_0035 2015-09-15_0034 2015-09-15_0033 2015-09-15_0032 2015-09-15_0031 2015-09-15_0030 2015-09-15_0029 2015-09-15_0028 2015-09-15_0027 2015-09-15_0026 2015-09-15_0025 2015-09-15_0024 2015-09-15_0023 2015-09-15_0022 2015-09-15_0020 2015-09-15_00192015-09-15_00622015-09-15_00372015-09-15_00542015-09-15_00522015-09-15_00392015-09-15_00402015-09-15_00482015-09-15_00462015-09-15_00452015-09-15_00442015-09-15_00432015-09-15_00422015-09-15_00412015-09-15_00492015-09-15_00502015-09-15_00382015-09-15_00582015-09-15_00512015-09-15_00532015-09-15_00562015-09-15_00472015-09-15_00552015-09-15_00592015-09-15_00612015-09-15_00602015-09-15_0057

Lyrik | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

Lyrik. What can say about this chunk? SOOOO much. First of all, I love his chub. I can say that because I know his mama. Its a strange world being a newborn photographer. Its one of those things I think you just really, really have to love it. I mean, you really have to genuinely be ok with getting spit up on, pooped on, peed on, and screamed at. With those downsides, the perks totally outweigh the bad. One perk being CHUBBY BABIES. And when they are your friends babies, you totally can take those “nom nom” voices you are making in your head and finally say them out loud. Because chances are your friends already know you are super weird and crazy. Which its fine for strangers to know that also (which you all do after a session) but there is a fine line between “oh she loves babies!” and “is she really gonna nibble on my kid???” I promise guys, I will not nibble on your kid. Really. Its just sometime you can’t help but think it and make those noises out loud.

Phew. I feel better getting that out in the open. Thanks Christina for letting me nom on your baby, letting me snuggle him, and most of all letting me bombard your house with all my stuff and take pictures in your dining room. (because, have camera, will travel!)




Timber | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

Sooooo. I kind of secretly want to be best friends with Timber’s mom. Ok I guess its not a secret anymore! So I was under a ton of pressure to give her a rockin’ session. I mean I don’t want to be all “nailed it” but, well 😉 Seriously, such a fun session. I love chatting with moms and getting to know new people. So Savannah, if you ever want to just come hang out at the studio feel free to drop on in! And probably most definitely bring this sweet little girl by too!  I still am dying over her session ❤


Krystie 2015-07-28_00432015-07-28_00402015-07-28_00412015-07-28_00332015-07-28_00272015-07-28_00392015-07-28_00362015-07-28_00382015-07-28_0034 2015-07-28_00252015-07-28_00372015-07-28_00352015-07-28_00422015-07-28_00322015-07-28_00312015-07-28_00302015-07-28_00292015-07-28_00282015-07-28_00262015-07-28_00232015-07-28_00222015-07-28_0024