Lorenzo was a little ham. He was shy, he was smiley, he cried when he touched cake.. I mean I usually cry after I eat the cake, but you do you Lorenzo!

I seriously love bubble bath sessions guys! They are always the cutest and usually produce genuine smiles and laughs. I need to maybe offer them for many sessions. Let me know!

I like to call the theme of this session “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.” But he still was the cutest little race car driver around! Happy Birthday little man!




Olsen Family | Green River Adventure

I think going someplace that you visit and adventure at as a family for family pictures is basically the best idea ever. Why not have pictures of happy memories. I remember going to the La Sal Mountains with my family to camp, and I would kill to have some pictures of us all together back then. Something to look at and smile on and let the flood of good memories and times flow through you. I mean I’m just as happy to do a session in a beautiful field, but getting to take pictures someplace special to you is just icing on the cake. Not to mention I love new places and exploring ❤ 

Lets have fun on dirt roads guys! 



Ella Bee, Utah Newborn Photographer

Sweet Little Ella Bee 

I love just a soft, simple, neutral session. Really just showcasing the beauty of a newborn. 

Madrid Maternity | Wildflowers

It was seriously such a long hard winter here in Utah, I thought for sure it would never end! The end result is something I have never seen before. The desert and everywhere in between is so in bloom. Its so green and lush and full of blooms. Just like these beautiful blooming gals. So yay for warmer weather, blossoms, baby bumps and beautiful families. 

Braegyn turns 1 | Price Utah Milestone Photographer

I love love love love love watching my babies grow up. Ok well, I mean they aren’t technically mine. But I still love it. I love even more capturing those moments between birth and 1 years. They literally go from sleepy little cuddle muffins (technical term for newborn) to wild eyed, strong willed tiny grown ups. In 12 months. 365 days.


I love what I do.


Mountain adventures | Price Utah Family Photographer

The quickest way to win my love is to agree to go to the mountains with me. Seriously. If you say “Oh its only an hour and a half drive?? Lets do this!” I promise, we will have just become best friends. Also I can promise very pretty pictures in exchange for adventure ❤

Also their momma is the  incredibly talented lady behind Serendipity2You go check her out!



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Smores are magic | Price Utah Children’s Photographer

We are having a rough day. My littles dad left for work out of the country on Friday. So life is rough without your hero. To top it off my little man hurt his thumb so nothing is right in the world. So last night after my session we built a fire and made s’mores. For a few minutes we had bliss. Sometimes all you need a few smiles, and laughs to know every thing will be ok ❤ Because really, there isn’t a lot of problems chocolate can’t solve.



p.s. These are for their daddy on the other side of the world ❤ 2015-10-05_0018 2015-10-05_0020 2015-10-05_00192015-10-05_00172015-10-05_00142015-10-05_0013 2015-10-05_00162015-10-05_00112015-10-05_00152015-10-05_00122015-10-05_00102015-10-05_0001 2015-10-05_00092015-10-05_00082015-10-05_00072015-10-05_00062015-10-05_00052015-10-05_00042015-10-05_00032015-10-05_0002

Flower Child | Price Utah Childrens Photographer

A lot of times we put pressure on kids to smile. In general we put a lot of pressure on kids to be anything but kids. Amanda agreed to do a different type of session with me one without the frills, a few dresses, a dirt road and some sunflowers. The result? Magic. Pure magic. Because childhood is beautiful, and the little people that our children are becoming is beautiful. We don’t need props, we don’t need themes.  We need pictures of wildflower picking, running in circles, twirling and dancing.

Lets just let them be little.

And free.


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Summer Family Session | Price Utah Family Photographer

Some things I really love about this session. I love these people. I love this location. I love the sunset, and I love that they got married in Scofield and we got to go back there for their family session. Family sessions are always better when there is a personal connection involved. Nothing more boring than standing in an anonymous backdrop and trying to get comfortable and act natural. Why not go somewhere you play together? That way when you look at the pictures, it stirs up all kinds of happy memories.

Yeah. Lets do that 😉


Krystie 2015-09-23_00142015-09-23_0003 2015-09-23_00132015-09-23_0012 2015-09-23_00112015-09-23_00042015-09-23_00152015-09-23_00102015-09-23_0001 2015-09-23_00092015-09-23_00062015-09-23_00072015-09-23_00052015-09-23_00022015-09-23_0008

Valdez Maternity | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

So there is something special about the desert in the summertime, the light is magical, the skies are so clear and when you have a wet monsoony (whatever spell check thats a word, ok) summer its all in bloom. I’m moving into more natural and unposed family sessions. Just because I love the real expressions and moments. It seems when people tell me about their favorite pictures, they are snap shots of a candid moment and not posed ones with forced smiles. So I’m here to give you what you want. Pictures of those moments when you can’t help but laugh, or when your husband reaches down and touches your tummy without thinking. That moment when your youngest seems to just know that his time is coming to an end and clings to you for his last few moments alone, before he turns over the reigns to his new little brother. Life is crazy and beautiful at the same time ❤


Krystie 2015-09-15_0134 2015-09-15_0135 2015-09-15_0136 2015-09-15_0137 2015-09-15_0138 2015-09-15_0139 2015-09-15_0140 2015-09-15_0141 2015-09-15_0142 2015-09-15_0143 2015-09-15_0144 2015-09-15_0145 2015-09-15_0146 2015-09-15_0147 2015-09-15_0148 2015-09-15_0149 2015-09-15_0150 2015-09-15_0151 2015-09-15_0152 2015-09-15_0153 2015-09-15_0154 2015-09-15_0155