That hair | Price Utah newborn photographer

When I saw the pictures of this sweet little man and his head of hair I was soooo excited to meet him. I mean that’s some ridiculously perfect hair!

He was so sweet, and expressive. Loved him on the greens and neutral backdrops.



Lorenzo was a little ham. He was shy, he was smiley, he cried when he touched cake.. I mean I usually cry after I eat the cake, but you do you Lorenzo!

I seriously love bubble bath sessions guys! They are always the cutest and usually produce genuine smiles and laughs. I need to maybe offer them for many sessions. Let me know!

I like to call the theme of this session “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.” But he still was the cutest little race car driver around! Happy Birthday little man!




Ella Bee, Utah Newborn Photographer

Sweet Little Ella Bee 

I love just a soft, simple, neutral session. Really just showcasing the beauty of a newborn. 

Karlia is 1 | Price Utah Childrens Photographer

From birth to 1 is such a fun time. They go from barely knowing the world, to developing little personalities and grabbing life by the horns. Its so fun to watch the little personalities shine through during smash cake sessions. They are some of my favorite sessions to do and I am always obsessed with the little details. Snagging one last picture of those tiny little feet, still so soft and clean before they start to use them every day and explore. Those tiny little hands and fingers, driven by the need to put everything in their mouth and taste. The way they squish frosting in their fingers because they are still just learning their senses and take a moment to process the way it feels before they of course shove it in their mouths. Everything is so simple and so complicated at the same time. That’s what 1 year sessions mean to me. I know I’m not the over the top prop photographer, but thats mainly because to me I’m after the things that really matter. It’s a great big world and I love capturing those little moments of them exploring it.



P.S. Mom made that romper and I’m still obsessed with it! 2015-09-15_0063 2015-09-15_0064 2015-09-15_0065 2015-09-15_0066 2015-09-15_0067 2015-09-15_0068 2015-09-15_0069 2015-09-15_0070 2015-09-15_0071 2015-09-15_0072 2015-09-15_0073 2015-09-15_0074 2015-09-15_0075 2015-09-15_0076 2015-09-15_0077 2015-09-15_0078 2015-09-15_0079 2015-09-15_0080 2015-09-15_0081

Remi | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

Honestly I don’t think I have ever had an easier baby! Remi was a dream ❤ Seriously she just snoozed away while I moved her from setup to setup. Not only that, but isn’t she just gorgeous? So in love with her session and all her sweetness! But I mean how could she not be gorgeous? Check out the curls in big sisters hair and her pretty mama!


Krystie 2015-07-28_0021 2015-07-28_0020 2015-07-28_0018 2015-07-28_0017 2015-07-28_0016 2015-07-28_0015 2015-07-28_0014 2015-07-28_0013 2015-07-28_0012 2015-07-28_0011 2015-07-28_0010 2015-07-28_0009 2015-07-28_00082015-07-28_0004 2015-07-28_00072015-07-28_0006 2015-07-28_00052015-07-28_0003 2015-07-28_0002 2015-07-28_0001

Ella is 1 | Price Utah Children Photographer

Little Ella was such a sweetie pie and has the most beautiful big blue eyes! She loves her Minnie Mouse, and those might be my favorite pictures. Love capturing the little moments of what they love at that exact age! Happy first birthday little lady!




Johansen Twins | Price Utah Family Photographer

So I won’t lie to you guys, there is a special place in my heart for twins! Other than giving kudos to the parents with patience to raise them.. I think they are the best. I might be biased since I have twin sisters, but watching them grow up through the years and their special relationship with each other makes me feel all the feels. Its like not only do you have a sibling, but a best friend. These 2 were no exception to the cuteness rule, and their little personalities were so sweet! Thanks for bringing them to play err, I mean bring them for pictures! 😉



2015-06-28_0011 2015-06-28_0010  2015-06-28_0008 2015-06-28_00092015-06-28_0007 2015-06-28_0006 2015-06-28_0005 2015-06-28_0004 2015-06-28_0003 2015-06-28_0002 2015-06-28_0001

Thoryn | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

I absolutely love doing pictures for friends. I feel so honored that they want me to capture these moments for them. I’ve known Thoryn’s mom since Jr. High, and have been lucky enough to have kept in touch through the years. This little guy is the 4th addition to her family, and is so sweet and snuggly. Its less weird when I know my clients and love on their babies 😉 so thats another advantage. His mama is so crafty she made him that cute little turtle outfit, talk about doing it all! The Ninja Turtles poster is in his dad’s office and it was a fun way to add a personal touch to his pictures. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!


Krystie 2015-06-22_0024 2015-06-22_0023 2015-06-22_0003 2015-06-22_00222015-06-22_00212015-06-22_00202015-06-22_0019 2015-06-22_00182015-06-22_00172015-06-22_00162015-06-22_0015 2015-06-22_00142015-06-22_00132015-06-22_00122015-06-22_00112015-06-22_00072015-06-22_00102015-06-22_00092015-06-22_00082015-06-22_00062015-06-22_00052015-06-22_00042015-06-22_0001

Kayson | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

Well, since the last time I got around to blogging, this little man was still a bun in the oven, I figured I better at least share the after of his mama’s gorgeous maternity session! Kayson was so curly and sweet. And so handsome! I had to snap a few of him with his eyes wide open because he was so expressive,  love when their little personalities shine through at such a young age. Thank you so much Cyndi for letting me capture your maternity and newborn session 2015-05-12_0028 2015-05-12_00272015-05-12_0022 2015-05-12_00262015-05-12_00232015-05-12_00252015-05-12_00212015-05-12_00172015-05-12_0013 2015-05-12_00202015-05-12_00192015-05-12_00182015-05-12_00042015-05-12_00162015-05-12_00152015-05-12_00142015-05-12_00092015-05-12_00032015-05-12_00122015-05-12_00112015-05-12_00102015-05-12_00072015-05-12_00082015-05-12_00062015-05-12_00052015-05-12_0024 2015-05-12_00022015-05-12_0001

{ Cyndi} Price Utah Maternity Photographer

Whoa its been too long, way too long since I’ve blogged a session. So much has happened in the last month that deserves a blog post all to itself. But I’m knee deep in session so maybe in April I can cover what happened in February.. Thats about how it goes these days.

Now. Back to the reason you are here. Its no secret maternity sessions are darn well near the top of my list of favorite sessions to do. Second only to newborns. I could take pictures of pregnant women all day. I mean it gets a little weird my adoration I think. But honestly guys, I know you don’t feel like it, but pregnant woman are some of the most beautiful women on the planet. You just radiate beauty. You can’t even help it or hide it. Its just there. Gah.. I can’t even. Cyndi was no exception to this rule. She is STUNNING. Seriously. That bump is divine. Loved every minute of our session, not to mention I got to do a rare studio session. Come on guys, the light it gorgeous and nothing is better than a plain backdrop, you and your bump! It was hard to narrow down pictures for this post, because um, I don’t think there were any bad ones! Cannot wait to take her little mans pictures when he gets here.

2015-03-26_0019 2015-03-26_0018 2015-03-26_0017 2015-03-26_0016 2015-03-26_0015 2015-03-26_0014 2015-03-26_0013 2015-03-26_0012 2015-03-26_0011 2015-03-26_0010 2015-03-26_0009 2015-03-26_0008 2015-03-26_00072015-03-26_0001 2015-03-26_0006 2015-03-26_00052015-03-26_00042015-03-26_0003 2015-03-26_0002