Childs family | Mountain adventure

I love a good pretty field any day of the week, but my heart really really really loves the mountains. I mean, for one, Utah has some of the most beautiful mountains on the planet earth. I don’t know about the other planets, but I can assure you this is no exaggeration. Our mountains are gorgeous. But you know what makes them even more amazing? Taking pictures of beautiful families in them! Its like out of this world, mind blowing amazingness that I am so lucky to be able to capture. Now I know what you are thinking, Krystie, you must say this about all your clients. Well of course, but only because I have gorgeous clients. Once again, no lies detected. I mean if the mountains aren’t your thing that’s fine. Really.. It’s fine… Lucky for me these guys were down for an adventure, and we were blessed with some amazing colors and some amazing memories. It was impossible for me to narrow them down so I’m going to spam you with pictures. It is after all, family picture season. Next to HALLOWEEN, this is my favorite. The changing leaves, the happy families. Gives me the warm fuzzies and keeps me smiling during the cold winter.

So you know, give me a shout out and lets make some memories!




Halyn | Price Utah Photographer

Sometimes its hard to describe to other people. Sometimes you can’t find the words. Maybe there aren’t any words. All I know is beauty is everywhere. Like the way the sun paints the world in a golden blinding light. Illuminating everything and just for a few precious moments the world is shimmering and glittering around you. As if Midas himself has touched the ground around you and everything has turned to gold. The sky, oh the sky. It’s as if just for you, a masterpiece has been painted in brilliant colors. Colors so beautiful and impossible artists spend lifetimes trying to recreate them. And in those few fleeting moments as the sun kisses the earth goodnight, nothing shines quite as brightly as you. It’s like you aren’t part of this world. You are ethereal beauty in its purest form.

Its that motherhood glow.

All of that grandeur doesn’t come close to how beautiful you are.

How beautiful bearing new life is.

That little secret you keep inside of you.

Someone you’ve yet to meet but somehow love with all of your being.



Waiting for Kasen | Price Utah Maternity Photographer

Sometimes you get to tell a families story more than once. I did Kambree’s newborn pictures and look at her now! Running around, playing with sticks and jumping in dirt. Now she is a big sister. Dylan and Michelle went from first time parents to seasoned pro’s. And I went from just starting out to knowing what I want out of a session. Thankful for everyone who has stuck with me while I’ve figured it out. What I know is, I don’t just want to take a posed picture for you to hang on the wall. I want to take pictures of the moments you want to remember forever. Those moments before you become a family of 4. The silly faces your 2 year old makes, and the way your husband grabs your belly with both hands and in that moment, you know you have it all. I want you to have pictures that freeze for a moment how much love you all share. Just don’t blink, because before you know it Kasen will be the one running around with dirt all over his face ❤




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Braegyn | Price Utah Newborn Photographer

Sometimes you just have a perfect session. I don’t want to rub it in to all the other newborns out there, but this little guy rocked the socks off of his session. Or should I say, he hit it out of the park? Either way, he was a dream while he was busy dreaming and we even got to run outside and snap a few of him out in the summer sun. Congrats Cassie and Derick, safe to say this little man is a home run… Ok I’ll see myself out now 😉



2015-07-15_0022 2015-07-15_0021 2015-07-15_0020 2015-07-15_0019 2015-07-15_0018 2015-07-15_0017 2015-07-15_0016 2015-07-15_00152015-07-15_0004 2015-07-15_00142015-07-15_00122015-07-15_00102015-07-15_00132015-07-15_00112015-07-15_00092015-07-15_00032015-07-15_00082015-07-15_00072015-07-15_00062015-07-15_00052015-07-15_00022015-07-15_0001

Elizabeth is 1 | Price Utah Childrens Photographer

I first got to met sweet little Elizabeth when she was around a month old. I can hardly believe she is a year old already! Its crazy how fast time flies, but I sure do love getting to watch these babies as they develop their little personalities and sass. One of my favorite things about this session was her polka dot dress. That entire outfit was made from pieces from her parents wedding. How cool is that? What a fun way to add an extra special memory to a session!




P.S. I had to throw the crying pic in, because well, its her birthday and she can cry if she wants to 😉2015-07-02_0026 2015-07-02_0025 2015-07-02_0024 2015-07-02_0023 2015-07-02_0022 2015-07-02_0021 2015-07-02_0020 2015-07-02_0019 2015-07-02_0018 2015-07-02_0017 2015-07-02_0016

2014 What a year.

I seriously had plans to write a super rad summary of my year last year. Maybe get all sappy. Confess my deep love for photography and capturing sweet moments. But I have a sick little one and its quite possibly the end of the world as we know it. I would put off posting this one more day, but I want to blog some newborn yumminess, for obvious cuteness overload reasons! So in summary, I learned a lot. I got a lot better. I mean a lot better. Going through some of these shoots was cringe and “what was I thinking” inducing on my part. Not because they were bad, but because I now know better. Thats the main thing. I wanted to quit at least 10,000 times last year. I never did, apparently I like to torture myself. Every time though, I let it be a lesson and got better. As crazy as it seems, I’m insanely tough on myself. I don’t do photography because I want to make money. Far from it. I do it because I am an artist. I always have been. I live and love to create. This is my outlet, this is my art that I create. If you just say “thanks” and never tell me that you love them, my heart sinks and I cry a little on the inside thinking that you absolutely hated the session. I know, I know, you didn’t, but thats how I feel. Because it has become a part of who I am. I had a friend who was a photographer, who would tell me she couldn’t follow other peoples pages because she constantly compared herself to them and it drove her nuts. I thought she was nuts. I was all your the best, you are unique, stop worrying. Turns out, I can’t follow other peoples work either. Ok, well I still do. Again the whole I like to torture myself or something. I don’t spend hours, but I’ll see a picture in my newsfeed, or in a group I’m in and I wonder why I’m not that good, and doubt if I ever will be. The most important thing is, I keep trying to be. Those of you who know me, know that it really isn’t just a job, or a hobby. I’m emotionally invested into taking the very best pictures possible for you. I set goals for myself. I meet them, I set new goals. Seriously, I never stop learning and wanting to create.

So here is to 2015. I have new goals. More things to offer. Hopefully I continue to improve and challenge myself. I’m already scheduling sessions into July, which is mind blowing. I find out people are pregnant before most on Facebook do. I get to share your joy, I get to love on your bebehs, and some of you I even get to call friends. So thank you all for your love, and your support, without you guys I wouldn’t have this in my life. So I hope you all continue to follow my work, watch me grow, and let me keep capturing those little moments for you.