Childs family | Mountain adventure

I love a good pretty field any day of the week, but my heart really really really loves the mountains. I mean, for one, Utah has some of the most beautiful mountains on the planet earth. I don’t know about the other planets, but I can assure you this is no exaggeration. Our mountains are gorgeous. But you know what makes them even more amazing? Taking pictures of beautiful families in them! Its like out of this world, mind blowing amazingness that I am so lucky to be able to capture. Now I know what you are thinking, Krystie, you must say this about all your clients. Well of course, but only because I have gorgeous clients. Once again, no lies detected. I mean if the mountains aren’t your thing that’s fine. Really.. It’s fine… Lucky for me these guys were down for an adventure, and we were blessed with some amazing colors and some amazing memories. It was impossible for me to narrow them down so I’m going to spam you with pictures. It is after all, family picture season. Next to HALLOWEEN, this is my favorite. The changing leaves, the happy families. Gives me the warm fuzzies and keeps me smiling during the cold winter.

So you know, give me a shout out and lets make some memories!




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